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Tesla is suing Alameda County, will move Tesla HQ to Texas or Nevada — Musk

The Tesla Fremont factory was not allowed to be re-opened on Friday yesterday even with the Governor’s guidance in place and now it seems that Alameda County is pushing the automaker further towards keeping the plant closed.

The probability of opening Tesla’s only car manufacturing plant in the US seems even beyond next week, probably 1st June is what the county is aiming for — and this is not what Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his team are ready to bear.

Elon Musk just posted on Twitter that Tesla is immediately suing Alameda County for this behavior and he is thinking of moving the entire car manufacturing to another state like Nevada (Gigafactory 1 location) or Texas where the laws and procedures seem to be sensible.

Everyone knows that Elon Musk just doesn’t say things, he actually does them and this is probably going to hit the economy of California and Silicon Valley hard, as Tesla is one of the top tech and manufacturing companies in the state and as Elon Musk described, it is the last automaker left in CA, should be bad for the state’s credibility in terms of ‘ease of doing business’.

As with protecting the employees during a pandemic like COVID-19 — Tesla has much more hands-on experience compared to the US only businesses as the automaker went through the lockdown at its Gigafactory Shanghai and successfully restarted operations with zero casualties — if they can do it in China why not here.

Many in the Tesla community are now suspecting the Alameda County’s Interim Health Officer Dr. Erica Pan’s intentions on forcefully keeping Tesla from starting limited operations and not giving them a chance to prove themselves again with a good track record from the China experience.

Also since at least 20.5 million jobs are lost in April in the United States alone, the actions from the Alameda County are not commendable at all, if this rate of unemployment goes on, the economic impact in the coming months might be the worst in the 21st century.

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What the Tesla community can do?

There are ways that you can as an owner, investor, enthusiast, and community member do to educate and force the Alameda County to open the Tesla Fremont car factory

#1: Tag @AlamedaCounty on Twitter to let them know this is a great cause of concern for you, also the #OpenTesla hashtag should also be trending now.

#2: Shareholders can file a class action lawsuit to recover the damages from Alameda County.

#3: Fill the Alameda County COVID-19 contact form here to voice your concern and let them know why you think the Tesla plant should be opened.

@TeslaDaily podcast has also some good points on the matter, you can listen to the latest episode below.

* This article was originally published on Tesla Oracle.

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