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Nonprofit involved in cyberbullying Tesla community is being funded by journalists, Elon Musk responds to the situation

Several Tesla fans and community members are reporting a Nonprofit organization named ‘PlainSite’ is either directly or indirectly involved in bullying or even threatening them for supporting Elon Musk’s vision and mission of a sustainable future.

Active Tesla community members like Steve and Johnna (artist and writer for CleanTechnica) report that several Elon Musk and Tesla fans have been attacked by PlainSite or its founder/owner Aaron Greenspan.

When steve pointed the followers to a Medium article published by an unknown Tesla fan detailing the bullying and doxxing activities of PlainSite and their accomplices, Elon Musk responded to this as ‘Super messed up situation!’.

Elon Musk took action immediately and tagged the LA Times owner Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong in his next tweet to let him know the shady activities of one of his senior journalists, donating to a fake fund that is involved in bullying and attacking Tesla owners, enthusiasts, and fans.

Omar Qazi is a software engineer and entrepreneur from California has been one of the prime targets of this organization’s attacks just because of his status as a Tesla community influencer and a Tesla car owner.

PlainSite also publicly posted and entire email conversation between Elon Musk and Aaron Greenspan which includes asking Elon about the Tesla community influencers and accusing Elon of being a liar and a deceiver.

Looks like PlainSite funded by a group of journalists who are TSLA shorts as well is constantly targeting Tesla community members from around the world, like Viv from Germany who makes great Tesla and SpaceX videos, she’s been harassed by this outlet for gaining the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk this year.

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Looks like the smear campaign against Tesla and Elon Musk is a joint venture between the LA Times and PlainSite that is funded by the same journalists, recent LA Times posted an article about ‘Smart Summon’ that spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), calling it a ‘glitchy science experiment (link not included intentionally to not give traffic to this Clickbait fluff).

The other Tesla community members and influencers at the target of PlainSite are but not limited to Earl of Frunkpuppy (@28delayslater) and Musk AF (@AfMusk) — but the active Tesla community is going to fight FUD till the end, like Tesla Owners Silicon Valley worked with USA Today on a positive Smart Summon article.

Howevre, the TSLAQ and the gang is also targeting website comments sections of Teslarati, CleanTechnica, InsideEVs, and ours, accusing the auto jounalists and authors of these sites to be on Tesla payroll, that’s a big lie.

Recently one of the top Norwegian TV show gave Tesla kind of Free promotion, should they also be accused of being paid by Tesla to do so, certainly not, these accusers don’t understand emotion, mission and passion for sure so they only see things from the perspective of profit and money, this is what they worship.

How To Fight Back

A nonprofit charity should not be online bullying people, but they are. And they are financially supported by members of the media, who often criticize Elon Musk and help Tesla Q in their stock manipulation fraud. We can’t prove this, but if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it is most likely shit.

However, we can fight back. All nonprofit organizations are regulated by the IRS. It’s really easy to report this one and you do not have to be a U.S. Citizen to report this fraudulent charity to the IRS.

Download this form from the IRS.

Fill it out. You can do this anonymously and be sure to check the box saying that you want to protect your identity.
Email it to [email protected]

Be sure to use the name of the nonprofit: Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation. PlainSite is just their ‘project’. (Further Read: NonProfit PlainSite Attacks People Online)

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Iqtidar Ali reports on the latest happenings at Tesla and Electric Vehicle forefront. With over 1 decade of experience in website development, he's our IT resource as well.

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Aaron Greenspan
Aaron Greenspan

That’s not all. Aaron Greenspan is also a registered investor/ manager which was revealed my Steve/Omar today as well.

Iqtidar Ali
Iqtidar Ali

Yep, the story is developing, we might have the part 2 of this when more content becomes available…

Don Drey
Don Drey

Greenspan clan have a long history of harrassing public and Elon Musk is just another target. Aaron Greenspan put on a great performance of being the so called victim. Police charged the Shaker Heights couple more than $6,500 in nuisance fees for 20 separate police calls to the neighborhood because of their son’s outbursts. The police began assessing fees after a fourth violation prompted a warning letter from the city. Many blame Mark Zuckerberg for Aaron Greenspan sociopath personality. The truth is socipaths run in the Greenspan genes. Aaron Greenspan is so delusional in thinking he invented Facebook. Aaron Greenspan… Read more »


Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been Cyberstalking, Harassing and Cyberbullying me for some time under his excuse that he has a First Amendment Right to mess around with the public’s legal information in any way he chooses. He goes around gaining access to your personal information, pictures and lots of your intimidate information to then shame his target online from behind the comfort of his computer.
This person should not be allowed to access anyone’s personal information for any purposes as he is a sick Cyberstalker.