Tesla Supercharger and EV Charging Stations on Google Maps

Tesla Superchargers and EV Charging Stations now added to Google Maps

Oct 18, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Search engine giant Google is on a roll for improving the commute experience for it’s users and the recent update includes the ability to search for a Tesla Supercharger and other EV charging station on Google Maps for Desktop, Android and iOS.

In addition to be able to navigate to the EV charging station or Tesla Supercharger station, coming soon features include ports availability, pricing, charge speeds and photos of the station if available.

Tesla and ChargePoint are globally supported, additionally the following electric vehicle charging providers are supported for each country:

  • United States: SemaConnect, EVgo, Blink
  • United Kingdom: Chargemaster, Pod Point
  • Australia & New Zealand: Chargefox

You can search for terms like ‘Tesla Supercharger’, ‘EV Charging Station’, ‘ChargePoint’ etc. to find the nearby Tesla/EV charging station on your Google Maps app or website.

We can see search in action for Tesla Supercharges in California using the following Google Map — you can click the ‘view larger map’ link to open the Google Maps app on Android and iOS.

We expect that the EV charging station search will significantly improve on Google Maps as more and more Tesla/EV owners use the app and add more data for the charging stations like their reviews and photos.

The overall user-experience of EV/Tesla drivers should increase with time as Google’s AI bots learn more and more about the patterns and preferences of the users.

We think this is a great step from Google in supporting sustainable transport transition to the next level and this also implies that Teslas and EVs are moving up the ladder and garnering attention in the high places.

Iqtidar Ali
[email protected]

Iqtidar Ali is a long time web developer and now writing for his childhood passion 'cars' further boosted by the advent of electric vehicles especially Tesla.

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