Gold Painted Nissan GT-R

One Million Dollar Gold Plated Car Nissan GT-R

Yes you read that right a one million dollar R35 Nissan GT-R with the body of gold. While the Kuhl-Racing team from Japan gave the Nissan R35 GT-R a 800 horse-power V6 engine, Izawa Takahiko gave it the gold engraving. Mr. Izawa is the Chieftan from the Artis Japan who takes 6 months to deliver such a project.

This gold engraved car was showcased at the Automechanika Dubai show from 8 – 10 May 2016. Specially shipped from Japan for the event it was expecting a wealthy and passionate buyer. But we haven’t heard any news of this car being bought since.

This unique car surely is piece of art and a powerhouse as well. Takumi Technology is used by Artis Izawa to create engaging and tangible sense of luxury. The gold texture with the matte paint and ultimate craftsmanship gives the car one-of-a-kind feel and durability.


Iqtidar Ali
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