New Tesla Roadster pictures and showcase at Grand Basel

New Tesla Roadster pictures released as the car debuts at Grand Basel, Switzerland

Tesla’s next-generation Roadster started making headlines since the Tesla Semi unveil event last year — where this futuristic electric sports car descended from the Semi trailer. Tesla aims to launch the Roadster in 2020 and recently released new pictures of the vehicle this week.

Tesla Roadster with a claimed 0 – 60 mph in 1.9 seconds is already challenging established sports and production car manufacturers around the globe. The next generation Roadster is equipped with a 200 kWh battery pack that gives the car an impressive 620 miles of range.

Considering the ultra-high performance of this electric beast, the price of the car seems very reasonable which is $200,000 and can be reserved for a $50,000 deposit while the Founders Series Roadster can be reserved for full payment of $250,000.

Tesla is showcasing the Roadster for the first time at the Grand Basel car show which is taking place from 6-9th Sep 2018 in Switzerland. Grand Basel is a show where only the exceptional vintage and modern vehicles are chosen to be showcased and the Tesla Roadster is one of them.

Tesla Roadster at the Grand Basel 2018
Tesla Roadster at the Grand Basel 2018 - Photo by @grandbasel / Instagram

The car at the Grand Basel seems to be only a design shell of a white Roadster that was also present at the 2018 Tesla Shareholder Meeting a couple of months back accompanied by a Tesla Semi Truck.

The electric car maker has also released some stunning press pictures for the Tesla Roadster (gallery below) that feature the sleek and futuristic design of the sports car.

We can notice that there are no side mirrors on this sports EV and it also features a more minimalist and unique interior which was featured in Tesla 2018 promo video earlier this year.

Current Tesla owners can also use the referral program to win a Free NextGen Roadsters (details here). Enjoy the new Tesla Roadster pictures and do let us know your thoughts int the comments section below.


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