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07 May Tesla registered 5,009 new Model3 VINs — Highest VIN is 39263

May 07, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Model 3 production issues have been a nightmare for Tesla and almost half a million reservation holders of which more than 100,000 are the ones who reserved their vehicle on the first unveil event more than two years ago.

But hopes should be up for the reservation holders as Model 3 production seems to have taken the right direction now. After Tesla’s Model 3 production shutdown last month and revamping the process at the Fremont factory Tesla immediately registered more than 5,000 VINs.

In the last two weeks Tesla only registered about 800 VINs but now things seem to have taken off seriously as the latest updated by checking the VINs with NHTSA website suggests that Tesla has registered another 5,009 Model 3 VINs.

@Model3VINs/Twitter regularly updates after checking the highest number and also checking for any Dual-Motor (All-Wheel Drive) VINs and posts the highest number registered, latest update is in the following tweet;

Model 3 production seems to have taken a serious turn as Tesla has recently started assigning VINs to Canadian Model 3 orders and customers talking to Tesla sources have confirmed that the deliveries will start end of May or max start of June.

Tesla has already started shipping display Model 3s to Canadian showrooms and they can be seen all over the country. VINs for U.S. and Canadian Model 3s cannot be differentiated as there is no digit that identifies the country, so we can safely assume these new Model 3s are going to Canadian reservation holders.

There is another Model 3 production tracker developed by Bloomberg that gathers Model 3 VIN data from website users, vehicle owners and NHTSA website and present the total number of Model 3s produced and an estimated number of current per week production rate.

The latest report by the Bloomberg tracker suggests 1,680 per week production rate and 23,872 total Tesla Model 3s produced to date but I am sure they haven’t updated the chart (below) after the latest VIN (5YJ3E1EA4JF039263) as it has been discovered just a couple hours ago. I have submitted the VIN to Bloomberg, let’s see when they updated their data and graph.

VINs are not a 100% reliable measure to estimate the exact production numbers as historically Tesla is seen skipping VINs but we can use the VINs to estimate the progress and currently this seems to be the only source except sometime Elon Musk announces the exact number.

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Click/Tap to zoom-in the graph image below, for interactive graph go to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg's Tesla Model 3 production tracker as of May 07, 2018
Bloomberg's Tesla Model 3 production tracker as of May 07, 2018

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