Tesla Model 3 Standard Roof and Glass Roof

29 Jul Tesla Model 3 official specs reveal two roof options ‘Standard’ and ‘Glass Roof’

Jul 29, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

While working on a Model 3 post before this one I noticed that the official specifications on the Tesla website reveal that there are actually two roofs for the Model 3. This is no speculation but solid information that Tesla has revealed in a kind of ‘stealth but open’ manner.

As you can see from the screen-shot image below from the specs that the ‘Standard’ and ‘Glass Roof’ both affect the ‘Headroom space’ the Glass Roof has an additional .9″ headroom.

In reality no one saw the ‘Standard’ Model 3 at the final unveil last night as Tesla has yet to start production of the Standard version. Only $44,000 Long Range versions were presented at the reveal yesterday with Glass Roofs. Earlier this month we saw Model 3 release candidate #57 with camouflaged roof that is indicative of the option and now it’s proven officially.

Tesla will start producing the Standard Model 3 vehicles starting this ‘Fall’ that means they will only be seen after September this year. Let’s see the screen-shot from Tesla website:

Two roof options for Tesla Model 3
Two roof options for Tesla Model 3 - taken from Tesla.com/presskit

I previously received a lot of flak for saying that there will be two roof options for Model 3, one will be the ‘Metal Roof’ and the other will be the ‘Glass Roof’ for upper range version, but this has been proven correct over time.

I hope this will not lower the enthusiasm of the reservation holders but might be a point of disappointment.

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