Tesla Model 3 online configurator live soon

28 Jul Tesla Model 3 configurator expected to go live after the delivery party

Jul 28, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Early reservation holders specially the ones who reserved on 31/03/2016 should celebrate in joy as the ‘My Tesla‘ page shows that you will be able to configure your Tesla Model 3 soon (screen-shot below).

This is pretty exciting news that hit us today through our friend Paul from UK a.k.a Electric Vehicle Guy (Twitter) who also holds the resrvation from 31st March last year, the first day when online reservations opened.

However there has been a technical mistake by Tesla that the reservation date is showing incorrectly which is 31/12/1969, not sure if this was on purpose by Tesla or an Easter Egg. The best answer I could find about this was that it’s a Unix glitch explained here.

We strongly feel that at least March 31st reservation holders like our friend EV Guy will be able to configure their Model 3 during or right after the delivery event today or maybe the next day. Let’s look at the screen-shot of the Model 3 page, more patience for the ones that don’t see yet, it will be there soon.

Tesla Model 3 configurator to go live soon

Paul also posts videos to help the Electric Vehicle community and he currently owns an EV the Renault ZOE, you can follow him on YouTube as well here.

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