09 Jan Faraday Future’s ‘FF 91’ – Specs, HD Photos, Videos

Faraday Future the high-tech, next generation electric-car developer showcased their flagship vehicle the ‘FF 91’ at the CES 2017. They claim this is the most advanced car on the planet the point that it’s ‘first of the species‘ that was not discovered until now.

The secretive car manufacturer despite their many financial and leadership crisis were able to display a vehicle that they finally intend to produce in 2018. You can reserve one for yourself by depositing $5,000 on their website.

Automotive industry gurus and journalists have speculated the price to be in between $150,000 to $200,000 since the manufacturer did not put out an official word about the price of the vehicle.

Let’s first review the launch video then the specs and some superb photos below.

FF 91 Specifications

Let’s look at FF 91’s specs claimed by Faraday Future to be the most advanced and powerful car species and first of it’s kind !

Feature Details
Battery 130 kW
Range (EPA) 378 miles (608 kms)
Range at constant 55 mph (88.5 km/h) 482 miles (775.7 kms)
Power 1050 hp
Number of Motors 3 (One front, two rear)
Drive All Wheel Drive (AWD)
0 - 60 mph in seconds 2.39
Wheels Aerologic - Aerodynamic shape-shifting wheels
Number of Cameras & Sensors 30
LiDar 3D Lidar - Retractable
Keyless Entry Yes with Mobile App & Facial Recognition
Door Handles None - Doors open with touch
Auto Park Yes - Finds the free parking spot too
Max charging power 200 kW
Battery Cell provider LG Chemicals
On-board Super Computer Calimed to be the most powerful but no mention of brand/product name
Climate Control Auto
Multimdia Yes -Tailored to each occupant's preferences and desires.
Estimated Delivery 2018
Estimated Price $150,000 to $200,000 (speculated)
Any Sub-Species? Yes rumored to be code named 'FF 81' for the masses !

FF 91 HD Photo Gallery

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